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Passport & Immigration Photos

Passport & Visa photos are available during normal business hours.
No appointment necessary - photos are ready in approximately 10-15 minutes!
For your convenience, we have photo specifications for any country you need.

General Passport Information for all Countries:

  • NO WHITE SHIRTS for most countries including the U.S.

  • Mouth Closed - Most countries require your mouth to be closed with a neutral expression.

  • No Glasses - Since most countries are now moving to biometric specs and use facial recognition software we recommend no eye glasses.  Your photo may be rejected even if there is a speck or a light glare anywhere on the glasses.

  • Infant Passports - The infant must be awake with eyes their eyes open.

U.S. Passports

New passport forms will be available beginning February 1, 2011. 

The new forms should be used for all applications mailed on or after February 1. 
Travel.State.Gov and all passport facilities will make the new forms available on 
February 1, 2011.

For more information on a U.S. Passports and to download application forms visit the US Postal website at

Renewal US Passport PDF Form (link available in Feb. 2011) / 
Renewal by mail instructions   

For more information on citizenship and immigration go to:  

For more information, fees and download US forms go to:

For travel information and requirements go to: (US government site):

For travel info and warnings go to:

Canadian Passports - NO WHITE SHIRTS


  For more information on Canadian passports go to:   

  For Canadian Application and Forms go to:     

Immigration Photos
After Sept. 01, 2004, side profile photos will no longer be accepted.
 New immigration photos now have the same requirements as passport/visa photos.

Passport, Visa and Immigration photo for ANY COUNTRY



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